Iraq Lawyer has expertise in the following practice areas of the law in more than one jurisdiction.

  1. PA 1
  2. PA 2

There are internationally accepted guidelines which apply to how law firms should refer to actual cases where they have represented Clients. The guidelines differ according to the jurisdiction. For example:

We at Iraq Lawyer are committed to upholding the highest ethical professional standards across all the jurisdictions where we may represent Clients. At the same time, we are keen to demonstrate to the public and to prospective clients our expertise in those Practice Areas where we assert that we do possess such expertise. Our approach to reconciling these two requirements without creating a potential Conflict of Interest is the following:

  • Iraq Lawyer Case File – Here we report factual narrative about past and present cases where we have represented actual Clients and where the explicit consent of the Client has been obtained to put the case information in the public domain.
  • Iraq Lawyer Case Studies – These are hypothetical cases which we have created to demonstrate how we would deal with a particular with a hytpothetical Client in a particular Practice Area of the law.